Meet The Family

Kayla (Momma-Bear)

I'm Kayla, the 20-something year old lady behind this blog. I met my lover almost 10 years ago at the age of 17. My life as "Momma" began in May of 2009 when Boy #1 was born, who became big brother to Boy #2 in January of 2012. I am a big fan of sports. I get overly excited by food. I love to be in the kitchen... cooking, not cleaning that is. I received my degree in Interior Design in 2011 and have a passion for photography as well. I am a D.I.Y. junkie who loves to save every nickel I can. One day my dream will come true and I will have a home of my own that I can improve, until then we are stuck in a rental. I love my family who I have always been extremely close to especially my twin sister. There is nothing I enjoy more than being with my boys acting silly and spoiling them once in while, OK more than once in awhile!

Jesus (Papa-Bear)














Michael (Boy #1)

Michael is my silly boy and is the coolest preschooler around. He is 4 going on 13 (scary I know) and is a blast to be around. Michael loves chicken wings and yogurt (not together or course!) and enjoys getting dirty when playing sports or fishing with Daddy. He is addicted to watching Minecraft videos, enjoys zombies a bit too much for his age and has quite a collection of water guns and hot wheels.

Manny (Boy #2)

Manny is hands down the biggest sweet heart you will ever lay eyes on. My heart melts every time I see his cheesy smile. He loves his big brother and making a mess of his food.

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